Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The mystery of the blue feet

Fudge a few weeks old   

I have a bunny named Fudge. He was born of the 4th August 2010, which incidentally is the same birthday as my sister (she did, however, state that "I am NOT sharing my birthday with a Rabbit.")
Fudgey lives in our living room, he is allowed to roam about the room when we are home on an evening. He races round and round in circles, binkies and just flops on his side and relaxes! 
He has a large cage, which used to be my friends dog cage, so he has plenty of room.

Fudge chilling!

Yesterday, I got Fudgey out of his cage as normal, and when he lay out flat with his paws out and back feet out we noticed he had blue feet!!!
So, we looked around his cage and noticed that the wooden fruit shapes he chews were underneath his water bottle (its drips occasionally). The BLUE one was the wetest and was the culprit of the blue paws! 
So Fudgey now has a blue rinse on his fluffy feet! Oooops!


  1. OMG your rabbit is such a sweetie. Broccoli - our house rabbit loves her carrots, but she always gets an orange stain on her fur under her chin. She is so funny, she waits at the fridge for you to get a carrot, then she runs off with it in her mouth to eat in comfort under the kitchen table. She is loving the new lounge rug at the moment, we cant seem to get her off it, only at bedtime. You can see Broc on one of my posts.....x

  2. Good morning! Thanks for coming by my blog so I could find you today! How exciting to start a new blog--I'm so glad I did! Looking forward to getting to know you better...

    Fudge is adorable & looks very loved and happy! Wishing you a wonderful day and a very happy start to the New Year!


  3. Looks like a very happy and content bunny...I have a wee hamster at the mo...and am angling for a new puppy - sadly our last dog passed away at Easter (he was 14 1/2)... time for another me thinks!!!

    Good luck with the blog(found you through Daisy Daydreams who is a real life friend) - mine was fits and starts to begin with but now it just seems to flow!!! Happy New Year..

    Kirsti xxx


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