Sunday, 19 June 2011

And the winner is........

Well done!! Please send me your address details and I will get your suprise win sent to you!

So exciting!!

P.S Happy Fathers Day to all you fabulous Dads......especially mine.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

*****Secret Giveaway!......*****

I have decided to do a little suprise giveaway! 

Just because!

To enter, just leave me a comment below....the winner will be drawn on Sunday 19th

Have a lovely week


Thursday, 2 June 2011

All my muscles ache!

Yesterday was one heck of a day!

Me and Deak helped my sister in law move house! Well! I was amazed at how much stuff she had in her flat, which was up 4 flights of stairs so lugging all that stuff down the stairs and into the van was tough. 
I was the white-van-lady, first time ever driving a van, and I quite enjoyed it!! 

We started at 10am and got home at 10.45pm................long day.

It was only us 2 women until 5pm (apart from Deak who was the door-opener!) and then her mum and boyfriend came to help after work, it was nice to have a little breather!!!

But we got it completed and now she is in a lovely new house with a fab garden and I'm looking forward to the day she says she is all unpacked and we can go round for Fajitas!!! Yum!

All I can say today is that I am so sore I can barely move! All my muscles ache, I'm off to have a long hot bath to try and soothe the pain!!!
Ooooh and when I popped home for lunch yesterday I had a fabulous parcel waiting for me from the lovely Ali over at Magic Making Hands

Summer swap parcel

Gorgeous stuff.....................I was ooohing and aaaahing opening each one!!
a lovely handmade heart, 
handmade pin holder book, 
handmade flower brooch,
tape measure, 
box of buttons/thread/ribbon, 
pegs with cute handmade decorations on the top, 
a handmade covered notebook and pencil
and some yummy chocolate!!!!!!

I love it all, Ali, Thank you so much and I will be posting yours shortly (sorry for the delay x)