Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lovely letters...

I have been a busy busy bee!!

My friend is having a baby girl soon and she asked me to make some fabric letters to go on the wall of the nursery.

She has called the baby Mali, which is the welsh version Molly...beautiful name. 

Here is the result...what do you think?



Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happiness is.....

This week I received a fabulous parcel from dosierosie
I love parcels, its like having a mini birthday!!

I had a Homespun magazine which has loads of wonderful ideas for me to try, a bar of organic milk chocolate, some English Breakfast tea from Teapigs and an Emma Bridgewater mug that says "Happiness is a cup of tea & a new magazine....and a bar of chocolate"....so very true!!!

I took my mug to work as my friend accidentally smashed my Cath Kidston one whilst on a tea round, and I also took the bar of chocolate and tea bags......bad idea!! The chocolate was gone in 10 minutes flat and the tea bags....well.....I have never tasted such lush tea!! Now, I always thought tea was tea but how wrong was I?!!! This tea is GORGEOUS!!!! The best tea ever!!

(my button fell off my cardigan!!)

So, thank you so much for my parcel, Gill....I loved it!

Just to let you all know as well that if I ever reach 50 followers I will be holding my own giveaway! Exciting!!


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Green fingers...

As today was so lovely and sunny I decided to give the gardening a go!!
Its not been touched since it started getting chilly last year and so the grass is overgrown and dead in patches and the plants have taken over the path!!

I mowed the lawn and scattered some new seeds to help it grow again so it doesn't resemble a rugby pitch and I cut back some of the plants. It looks a lot better but not great, more attention is needed to get it how it looked last summer!!

I took a few pictures around the garden....

 My Willow starting to bloom...    

This is a Christmas Rose I've been told?...

Roll on summer!!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lucky me!...

I was lucky enough to be a runner up for a giveaway by the lovely Jenny at Winnibriggshouse.


The postman arrived this morning just before I was due to go out and I was all excited to receive my lovely parcel.

It was fabulous!! Inside the 2 little parcels were cute applique embellishments and 2 Puffin bars - yum yum!!!

I'm very happy with my gift, thank you so much Jenny, so thoughtful of you.

This week I'll be sewing up some Mothers Day hearts, so i'll put them on my blog when I'm done to show you all.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Book worm....

Evening everyone, just a short post today as I'm oh-so tired!!

The weekend seemed to pass so fast, soon I'll be stuck back in the office :(
So tonight I will be having a lovely hot bubbly bath, cuppa tea and will be reading my new book.

My parents got me this book for Christmas and it is extra special as it has been signed by the author, fabulous!!!

I love my parents to bits!! They are the best!

I'd also like to add, following the horrendous news recently, thoughts go out to everyone that has been affected. 

Sleep tight


Saturday, 5 March 2011

A jug please.....

Happy weekend everyone!!

So, my parents went to IKEA yesterday and asked if I wanted anything, I went for my usual request of marshmallow snowballs......yum......and I asked my mum to find me a vintagey/shabby jug for my flowers!

She didnt dissapoint...............

I love it!!! Thanks Mum!!!

I have to admit, though, that I have had a very lazy day today, I sat at home and watched Lake Placid 1 & 2! Hmmmmm very cheesy yet gross movies! 

Next week I'll have to find me some motivation as I have my friends wedding favours to make, the fabric came last week. Her theme is black and white so I found this fabric.....

I hope its OK. I'll be making the little stuffed hearts with it - wedding favours for the ladies of the wedding party!

I'll need to get myself off the sofa and get some work done!

Wish me luck!!!!!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Project castle!...

So, Deaks half-term homework was to create a 3D castle!
Aaaaargh! Not easy then!!

Deak did very well though, he said what he wanted to do and made sure it worked out! We built the base out of cardboard boxes and toilet tubes and then put paper mache over the top - that was the icky part!!

It took aaaaaages to dry and when it finally did, he painted the main castle part grey and the base a darkish brown colour.

The only thing he didn't do was drawing on some bricks and windows at the end - I admit I did that for him!!!

The end result was fabulous - I'm very proud of his work!!

Well done Deaky!!!