Tuesday, 6 December 2011


My friend in work has 2 little boys and asked me to make her a Superstars Board, so they get rewards for being good.

I have been working on this over the last 2 days and finished it this afternoon.......

The stars have Velcro on the back and have things like "Brush my teeth" and "Put away my toys" on them. When the boys do one of these tasks they get to put the star on the board.
If they get so many stars in a day there are books in the pouches at the front that they collect little sticker stars - after so many of these stars they get a treat!!!!

Sounds complicated but its not - I'm just rubbish at explaining!!!

What do you think?

Monday, 5 December 2011

Jingle bells............


Its almost Christmas and I am beyond excited!!!!

Christmas has to be my most favourite time of the year and I wish it wasn't over so fast. I've done all my Christmas shopping apart from Deakons stocking fillers and I have the next few weekends packed full of Christmassy treats!!

Next weekend we are off to Christmas at Tredegar House. I get a complimentary Family ticket for volunteering on Halloween so we go every year. Its amazing. They decorate the house all Christmassy and there is mulled wine and mince pies. The kids get to have a treat off Santa too.

Then on Christmas Eve we are off to the Pantomime. Its Cinderella this year. Its the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve night - gets everyone in the festive mood (plus it keeps the kids quiet for an few hours!!!)

But the weekend in between those too we are off to Cardiff to celebrate a 30th Birthday and its going to be a night off cocktails and drunkenness!!! Happy Days!!!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas too................