Monday, 17 January 2011

26 pence!!...

I'm a thrifty shopper! I buy most of my clothes on eBay or if I'm splashing out I'll go to Primark!! 
I like looking through charity shop rails for that one item that will stand out and you have to buy it, like my retro Dunlop bag i got for £3.50 which many people in work have tried to pinch from me!!!

Lately I have been building up my fabric collection, buttons, ribbons, threads and all things crafty, so I popped into Hobbycraft as I was told they had a clearance sale. I browsed through the boxes of all the sale stuff and nothing caught my eye but as I was leaving I noticed a box marked '26p'. 
Intrigued, I went over and got all excited by what I found.......

Ribbons!!! 26p!!! Now I know its very sad to get excited over ribbon but I can normally only get a few at a time as they are sometimes quite pricey but I went crazy and bought a whole load of them!!! The reels are a bit tatty but the ribbon is fine, so I will be using them to make more bits 'n' bobs!!! Yay!!

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  1. ooo yes i have bought some hobbycraft ribbon in the sale before - x


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