Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunshine weekend...

What lovely weather we've had, so nice that on Saturday and today me and Deakon went out for some fresh air!

On Saturday we went to St Fagans which is a Welsh National History Museum. It is an open air Museum but has little houses that you can go around and the St Fagans Castle and grounds. It quite big so we had a bit of a trek around it! They also have a small village that has an old style bakery that sells cheesy bread and scones and also a sweet shop - which of course Deakon went in!

The weather was gorgeous so I took some photos along the way...

A random patch of snowdrops in the grass

Deakon by the castle lake

One of the little houses

Well deserved refreshments!

And then today we went for a walk at the Wetlands with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. I love it there. Its about a 10-15 minute drive from our house and its so peaceful and quiet and you can walk through to the Lighthouse by the sea wall. You can chose whether to do long walk or a short walk past the Lighthouse and through the woods back to the main entrance. We do the short walk as Emmy only has little legs!....

Deakon and Emmy

Me and Deakon

I love this photo!!! Mid jump!

The Lighthouse

Being aloof!

View from the path

Trek through the woods


I am now so sleepy so I am in my PJs ready to go to bed!


Thursday, 23 February 2012

All settled in...

The big move took place on was a tiring day! 

But with all my pre-packing and making sure everything was downstairs ready to just be put on the van, it didn't really take long to shift everything to the storage unit.

Big massive thank you to my parents, sister and brother-in-law who helped me, couldn't have done it without you. 

This is my a 50sq ft box :(

Pretty impressive I think, as we managed to fit a huge 3 seater settee in there too!!! (hidden at the back!)

So, me and Deak are all moved in with my Mum and Dad. It's nice to be here, and Deak loves it here too, (nice to be looked after for a little bit as well!!!.)

My friend, Nichola has also been looking after me. She took me to the Celtic Manor for an afternoon was delicious!!!

Very posh!!!

And Deak has been showing off his new role at school...

Prefect!!! And when I asked him what he has to do, he said "Boss people about"! 

He's growing up too fast, will be in High School this September!! Where did my baby go?!!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I love presents.....

Its my 31st Birthday on Tuesday. Eeeeeek I'm getting old!

Its a family tradition to have a birthday meal on the Sunday before your birthday, you get the meal of your choice cooked by my wonderful Mum (Bangers, Mash and Onion gravy for me!) and then a birthday cake! 

I also got to have some presents early as I wont be seeing my brother in law on my birthday. Him and my sister bought me this lush Cath Kidston I know you aren't meant to put them up indoors but its soooooo pretty and I needed to see it!!!!

And my beautiful niece bought me a journal, a heart and a pack of Gawjus tissues..... so cute!

I was a very happy girl!!!

Oh, and I said before that I would show off my purchases/gifts that I've got for when I get my own's what I've got so far.......

Cath Kidston heaven!!!

Dunelm goodies!!!

Hope you all have had a fab weekend too!


Monday, 6 February 2012

Things that make me me!!

My family. They are always there for me and have helped me through a lot of ups and downs.

Deakon and my niece Emmy

Mum and Dad

My Sister and brother in law

My friends. I haven't got many but the ones I have got are worth more than a hundred friends.

Me and my buddy Nichola

My love of notebooks. If I see a nice one I have to buy it. I like writing stupid things like stuff that makes me smile, and quotes, and words to songs, and poems, and drawing sketches....... I currently have 7. These are my favourite 3.......

My addiction to the form of coffee. I think I would pass out from the shakes if I didn't have my daily fix.

My love of photos. I like taking photos of people, animals, objects. I even take photos of my food! I always take photos when I go somewhere - day trips or nights drives my friends mad!


Making stuff. I love to sew, make cards, bake cakes. It keeps me busy, and keeps my mind off the world!

Stupid girly films........Bridget Jones! I could watch this every night and never get bored.

Pjs and Slippers. The 2 things I couldn't live without. They make me feel snuggly and warm!

My unruly hair. It takes a lot of effort into making it straight! Not many people realise I actually have a lions mane instead if actual hair. My brother in law often takes the mick on a weekend - the only time I let it go au natural!...........Don't laugh at this.....................

Mahoosive hair!

I may sound a little mad too but that's another thing that makes me me!!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lunar fun......

My son Deakon got a telescope for Christmas and every time the moon shows its pretty face we spend ages trying to zoom in on it!!

Tonite we managed to not only get an impressive view of the moon, but I also got a photo with my iPhone!!! I was there for about 10 minutes holding it up to the lens like an idiot but the result is amazing................

I was chuffed with my efforts!!!!