Thursday, 6 January 2011

The little doods!

I've always been interested in making things. I used to want to be a Blue Peter presenter so I could make things like they used to (double sided cello-tape and some loo rolls!!) I also watched Tony Hart and Art Attack!!
I remember making a paper mâché pig money box. I didn't put enough layers of newspaper on and it kind of folded in on itself in the end!

Last year I started making lavender filled hearts, I made some for 2 of my friends wedding favours as well, they were very well received I'm happy to say.
Wedding favour hearts   

Plain lavender hearts

Personalised lavender hearts
Before Christmas I started making festive ones, theses are my favourite things I've made so far and they look lovely on the Christmas tree!
Christmas hearts with cinnamon sticks.

Another thing I tried was little monster type things, my son loved them so I made him a larger version for his birthday last year! It's still on his bed now. 
The 'Little Doods'! 
The giant 'little dood'!!

I'll be trying some new things this year, I really want to attempt something like a tote bag....fairly simple I'm told but it may take me a few goes!! If I fail I'll simply try again xxx

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