Saturday, 22 January 2011

Chocolatey goodness...

I've had quite a busy day! 

Taken Deak to football training, adopted some fishes (my sisters friend could no longer keep them), went to TK Max for a browse, went to the pet shop for Fudges essentials, got stuck in the car park of the pet shop for about 30 minutes - crazy busy for some reason, went to Iceland to stock up my freezer, came home and finally had a cuppa coffee!! Phew!!! 

But I did find this cute coffee canister in TK Max for £2! It was calling me so I had to buy it!! Its a bit battered around the edges but I love it!!

Then me and Deak decided to make some cakes (we stole the idea from my sister and my niece!)

After saying he no longer wants rice crispies for breakfast, I thought we'd use them up and make crispie cakes!! Yum!!

Spoon out....
And they are delicious!!!

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday - hopefully!!

Have a lovely weekend all



  1. Love your cute little 'battered' coffee cannister but I love your new avatar

  2. Hello, thanks for popping over to my blog the other day...actually I think it was the other week! That's the thing about blogging, it takes a while sometimes to post and then you get lost trying to look at new blogs. I'm really pleased that I've now got round to yours ~ it's fab. Like you with your coffee, I drink far toooooo much tea xx


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