Friday, 7 January 2011

My Doodlebug

This is my 9 year old son, Deakon. Or Doodlebug as we have come to call him....not quite sure how that came about but its been his nickname since he was a toddler.
Yesterday Deakon was very emotional, very teary but didn't know why. Its sad to see him like that. He said nothing happened in school, no-one said anything mean and he wasn't 'sad' as such he just said he didn't know what was wrong. 
I think he may be finding it hard to get back into the school routine....2 weeks off for Christmas, lots of excitement and late nights watching TV. He even stayed up on New years Eve with us this year.
He cheered up after a while last night and by bed time he was his usual self and trying to dodge getting into bed and going to sleep, the usual "I need a drink", "Can I have a hug"!!

Deak in the snow before Christmas
 Deakon had a LOT of lego for Christmas this year, it seems to have taken over the house. We spent about 3 days trying to put it all together! He enjoys building things and making things, he's alot like me when I was younger which is nice!
Deak has asked if he can have his own Blog, he's seen mine and thinks its "cool", so on the weekend we might get one set up for him, add it to mine so I can keep an eye on it!!
Hopefully when he comes home from school today he will be alot happier than yesterday. Fingers crossed.

The Lego!!!!

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