Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dippy eggs...

I've had such a lovely day!

I took my Doodlebug to his football practise (in the rain!), he's getting very good at tackling which he was afraid to do when he first started. 
After that we went home to chill before going out for dinner with the family.

For a small snack I decided to have dippy egg and soldiers. My mum used to make me these when I was little. The egg has to be perfectly runny. I don't like it when the yolk goes hard. Ack!

Perfect Perfect!!!

 It was delicious!!!

And, do you know what else was delicious? The meal I had later on!!! I love food!!!

My parents kindly took my family and my sisters family to the Maenllwyd in Machen. Its a lovely little pub that serves the best food. I had Steak & Ale pie, mash, peas and gravy. Hmmmmmm It was fab, but I couldn't eat it all. I was full. Too full for pudding, which isn't like me at all!!!

Now that my food has gone down though, I've opened a Terry's Chocolate Orange WITH popping candy. 

Naughty ;)

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