Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Project castle!...

So, Deaks half-term homework was to create a 3D castle!
Aaaaargh! Not easy then!!

Deak did very well though, he said what he wanted to do and made sure it worked out! We built the base out of cardboard boxes and toilet tubes and then put paper mache over the top - that was the icky part!!

It took aaaaaages to dry and when it finally did, he painted the main castle part grey and the base a darkish brown colour.

The only thing he didn't do was drawing on some bricks and windows at the end - I admit I did that for him!!!

The end result was fabulous - I'm very proud of his work!!

Well done Deaky!!!



  1. Excellent! My Eldest had to make a castle for half term homework last year, and we were also impressed with the effort he put into it! Well done :)

  2. WOW..the castle is fab..welldone deaky x and great brick work you!
    My little one had to make a scrapbook on welsh castle for his home work..its was for St Davids day!

    TFS Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

  3. Aww that looks fantastic - well done, Deaky! x

  4. wow that looks great..i have to admit i cant wait for our little boy to start coming home with projects like that somthing for me to get me teeth into!.. i use to love all the crafty and making things at school..much better than maths and science!!!


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