Sunday, 20 March 2011

Green fingers...

As today was so lovely and sunny I decided to give the gardening a go!!
Its not been touched since it started getting chilly last year and so the grass is overgrown and dead in patches and the plants have taken over the path!!

I mowed the lawn and scattered some new seeds to help it grow again so it doesn't resemble a rugby pitch and I cut back some of the plants. It looks a lot better but not great, more attention is needed to get it how it looked last summer!!

I took a few pictures around the garden....

 My Willow starting to bloom...    

This is a Christmas Rose I've been told?...

Roll on summer!!!


  1. I could do with going out in my garden too - need to buy some lovely summery flowers to give it an instant facelift! hehe. I'm sure yours will be blooming again in no time, we just need some warm sunshine to be able to enjoy it! xx

  2. Love the bug. Can you contact me, you have won my giveaway..

  3. the willow and cristmas rose are both so pretty :)

  4. Lol, my lawn looks like a rugby pitch at the moment too......I have done the seed thing but I can't see it doing much, hope you have much more luck, Nic ♥


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