Monday, 21 February 2011

Lovely parcel...

I was lucky enough to be a giveaway winner!!! Yay me!
The lovely Poppy and Daisy's announced me winner of the Facebook giveaway and the other day my parcel arrived!!! Ooooh I love parcels!!!

Its fabulous!! Lovely fabrics and a useful magazine too.....thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm currently in the middle of getting my heart swap parcel together, its my first swap and I'm enjoying it! Hope I can do many more!!

I'd better be off now to look after poor Fudgey - he had his 'man parts' removed today and is feeling a little sorry for himself. Some TLC is needed.



  1. Congrats on your win!

    Poor Fudgey...hope he's feeling better soon x

    Hugs Clare@Weekend Crafter xx

  2. Aww poor Fudgey - looks still very sorry for himself - Yay for you!!

  3. Congrats on your win and big hugs for Fudgey!

  4. Ooh congratulations on winning the giveaway, a lovely prize! Fudgey does look a little down in the dumps, hope he feels back to normal soon:) xxx

  5. i'm glad you liked!

    hope fudgey is feeling better soon - ouch!

  6. oo your poor rabbit!!...

    well done on winning your giveaway..its quite exciting isnt it when you get it through the post!!

    ive just come across your blog.. its lovely !!


I like messages, they make me happy!!