Monday, 14 February 2011

The big 30!...

Its here! 
The big 30 has hit me today!!
 I have been dreading this day for some time but it hasn't been all bad!

This weekend I went to Blackpool with 7 friends, we went to Funny Girls (which is a cabaret drag show) was amazing!!! I had the best time! We had brilliant seats and waitress service all night, a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday.
We went to the Pleasure Beach too and went on some of the rides, Steeplechase being the funniest ride I have been on!! Its like a carousel horse on a roller coaster track, you sit in pairs on a horse and there are 3 horses in a row. 6 of us went on the ride - 2 on each horse - and they start together and its a race to see who finishes first. Well, I haven't laughed so much for ages!! My horse came last! Typical!!

Thank you to the girlies for making it so special xx

Blackpool beach

Tia Maria and coke - my first birthday drink!!!

My birthday cake from the girls.

Me and my sister at Funny girls!!

Today, though, I have had quite a lazy day - sat on the sofa watching the Dexter series! My Mum has been to see me and my good friend Nikki too. She even bought me a balloon!!
I have had beautiful flowers, lots of cards and I haven't felt as moody as I thought I would!!! At least I managed to get out of bed!

Oh and Happy Valentines day too everyone!!!!


I like messages, they make me happy!!