Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sunshine Award....

The lovely Claire from Sweet Peas and Snow Drops kindly passed me the Sunshine Award! Happy first award!

So, I need to answer 10 questions and nominate 5 bloggers who I think deserve the award as well.....tough choice because I love you all!!!

1, Favourite Colour?

Would have to be blues. light blues and duck egg blue

2, Favourite number

7 - but I'm not sure why!!!

3, Favourite animal

I loved my bunny rabbit, but had to give him up when I moved :( sad times
My 2nd favourite would have to be dolphins

4, Favourite non-alcoholic drink

Has to be coffee. But my favourite of all time are Tea Pigs, I just can't afford to drink them everyday!!!

5, Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I've given up Facebook, so have to say Twitter!!! Plus I can be nosey and see what celebs are up to!

6, What is my passion

Anything crafty, I like making stuff, painting, writing. Anything to keep me busy!

7,  Do I prefer giving or receiving?

I love giving presents, even if it's a "just because" gift. I like making people smile 

8, Favourite pattern

Polka dots!

9, Favourite Day of the week

Definitely Friday

10, Favourite flower

Daisies, the most friendliest flower.

Now, the 5 bloggers I wish to give the award to.......

Thanks again, Claire




  1. Your rabbit was so cute!

  2. Hi just to let you know that swap partners for my 'Free for ALL Swap' have been up for a while, your partner has tried to get in touch with you but seems to be having a bit of trouble.

    Beki xx

  3. HI there,
    Congratulations on your award and your bunny is really cute.
    I tried to get in touch with you leaving a comment on your previous post as I am your swap partner at Beki's blog. Please email me so we can know each other a bit better. :) my email is:lunaisobel(at)gmail(dot)com.

  4. Thank you for the award - i will set up a post later and pass on.

    We are so alike!!!! my fave colur apart from white are all types of blues/ fave flower is a daisy/ fave number is 7 - prob cos i was born on 7th.

    xx have a great week!! xx

  5. Oooh thanks so much for passing me the award, we are very similar too, half our answers will be the same :D I promise to blog about it but it might not be for a while - am just so busy at the moment, but will make sure I do it! Thanks again, Jenny x

  6. Thanks SO much my dear! I was so excited to (finally) realise I had been awarded my first blog award! I'm off to check out your other recipients. Have a wonderful weekend. xx


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