Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Moments to cherish...

This morning I went to the post depot on my way to work to pick up a parcel......exciting, I love snail mail!

It was a swap from the lovely Isobel

I was so excited opening all the parcels....its like she knows me so well!!! I loved everything!

2 Yankee Candles, a box of buttons and a cute flower ring.....

...a mug, the cutest salt and pepper shaker ever :)...

...a butterfly bookmark, handmade crochet heart garland and a decorative heart (which is now hanging on my wardrobe)

Oh, and some Chocolate Eclairs but they have been eaten!!!

Thank you so much Isobel, I've been really spoilt, yours will be with you soon and hope you like it just as much



  1. Oh my goodness what a lovely parcel to receive! I would have squealed with excitement. Lucky you!

    I love snail mail too. Nothing better than something unexpected and lovely in the post!

    Claire x

  2. Yay!! I am so glad to know it arrived and you enjoyed. I am looking forward to what you will send. :) Thank you so much for letting me know and for posting about it. :D

  3. What lovely goodies! Lucky you! Glad I found your blog, follower 101! Love Katie xx

  4. Hi, just to let you know I have nominated your blog for the 'Versatile Blogger Award'. Details on my blog - hope you like it!

    Estelle xx


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