Thursday, 17 May 2012

A bit of sea air...

Random day off from work today so we headed down to the sea...I love the beach!


It was slightly windy and rained a tiny bit but it was nice to be out in the sea air and get away from the office. I did, stupidly, wear flip flops so had to walk across the rocks with no shoes on so it took me about half an hour but it was a good laugh!!

Wait for me!

We walked about 4 miles in total, from the car, all the way along the beach to the main town and then back again.....via the chip shop of course! :)
Going to sleep well tonight with all that fresh air!!!



  1. Just found and your blog and am so happy I popped by! I love the polka dots theme :) I would love to live near the sea all that fresh air woul ddo me the world of good! *hello* from your newest follower, Hazel x

  2. Such gorgeous pictures!! xx

  3. Love the foot prints in the sand! You've made me want to breathe in some sea air!


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