Monday, 6 February 2012

Things that make me me!!

My family. They are always there for me and have helped me through a lot of ups and downs.

Deakon and my niece Emmy

Mum and Dad

My Sister and brother in law

My friends. I haven't got many but the ones I have got are worth more than a hundred friends.

Me and my buddy Nichola

My love of notebooks. If I see a nice one I have to buy it. I like writing stupid things like stuff that makes me smile, and quotes, and words to songs, and poems, and drawing sketches....... I currently have 7. These are my favourite 3.......

My addiction to the form of coffee. I think I would pass out from the shakes if I didn't have my daily fix.

My love of photos. I like taking photos of people, animals, objects. I even take photos of my food! I always take photos when I go somewhere - day trips or nights drives my friends mad!


Making stuff. I love to sew, make cards, bake cakes. It keeps me busy, and keeps my mind off the world!

Stupid girly films........Bridget Jones! I could watch this every night and never get bored.

Pjs and Slippers. The 2 things I couldn't live without. They make me feel snuggly and warm!

My unruly hair. It takes a lot of effort into making it straight! Not many people realise I actually have a lions mane instead if actual hair. My brother in law often takes the mick on a weekend - the only time I let it go au natural!...........Don't laugh at this.....................

Mahoosive hair!

I may sound a little mad too but that's another thing that makes me me!!



  1. A lovely post giving an insight into you! I too have notebooks everywhere with things written in them that no-one else would understand. Wishing I had mahoosive hair too instead of a short, flat crop that I never seem to be able to grow! M x

  2. lovely post - your very similar to me xx

  3. WOW!!!! Vibeke did a wonderful job matching us for snail is almost creepy! haha! I too am obsessed with coffee, have ridiculously massive fluffy hair I tame daily but most importantly, as you so eloquently put it, love to make it "keeps me busy, and keeps my mind off the world!". So how does this snail mail thingy work? Do we just make something for one another and in whatever we like???? I haven't contributed to something like this before - I'm very excited! Your blog is lovely...I'm looking forward to having a good long look when I get a nice chunk of time for myself, hopefully this weekend :)


I like messages, they make me happy!!