Sunday, 12 February 2012

I love presents.....

Its my 31st Birthday on Tuesday. Eeeeeek I'm getting old!

Its a family tradition to have a birthday meal on the Sunday before your birthday, you get the meal of your choice cooked by my wonderful Mum (Bangers, Mash and Onion gravy for me!) and then a birthday cake! 

I also got to have some presents early as I wont be seeing my brother in law on my birthday. Him and my sister bought me this lush Cath Kidston I know you aren't meant to put them up indoors but its soooooo pretty and I needed to see it!!!!

And my beautiful niece bought me a journal, a heart and a pack of Gawjus tissues..... so cute!

I was a very happy girl!!!

Oh, and I said before that I would show off my purchases/gifts that I've got for when I get my own's what I've got so far.......

Cath Kidston heaven!!!

Dunelm goodies!!!

Hope you all have had a fab weekend too!



  1. Happy Birthday, gorgeous pressies xxx

  2. Fabulous goodies!! love the umbrella and i'm such a huge fan of gorjuss!!

    Happy Birthday x

  3. happy birthday
    love love your dotty brolly and sugar bowl


I like messages, they make me happy!!