Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn swap goodies....

So, I took part in an Autumn swap and I was paired up with the lovely Liz from "love those cupcakes"

I loved everything in the parcel and even my Mum was getting excited as I unwrapped each one...

An Autumn card...

"something to keep you cosy!.....cute socks!

"something jingly jangly! these

"something to bake"...nom nom

"something handmade for you to stir into hot milk or chocolate"....Deakon has taken a shine to these!

"something to scent a drawer"....this smells divine.

"something to brighten a dark night"

"something to perfume a room"

"something handmade for you"....this is my favourite

"something handmade for Deakon"...this was chocolate but he ate it before I could take a picture!!
Thank you so much, Liz, I hope yours reaches you tomorrow



  1. what a lot of lovely lot of goodies. lucky you. x

  2. So relieved you liked your autumn parcel! It was good fun putting it together. Lizx

  3. What a fun idea! All those goodies look amazing! A package like that would make my entire week for months!!! Super cute. Sometimes I think giving people presents is even better then receiving them!

  4. What a lovely Autumnal swap, love the framed sign! xx


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