Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Big 10!!...

On Tuesday my little baby Doodlebug will be 10!!!! Where has the time gone!!!

As we will be in Legoland at the time we had a lovely family BBQ today, it was fabulous!

Deak had his present off us early as his Aunt chipped in aswell and it was nice to open it with her there. He got a scooter, called a JD Bug, which is apparently the trendiest scooter you can get ( but I'm not cool enough to understand this!!)

He was very happy and spent the rest of the day in the street, whilst the rest of us enjoyed the grub!!!

My brother in law is the one of the grass pulling the stupid face!!

Happy Birthday, Deakon. Love you loads



  1. An early happy birthday to your young man :)

    A very cool scooter - all the boys who use our skatepark use those :)

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