Sunday, 10 July 2011

Heartfelt apology.....

I would like to apologise to 3 lovely bloggers for the delay in posting giveaways and swaps. 
I have been so busy with work and preparing for my interview that I haven't posted them out. Naughty BuTtOnZ! I have the job I am very much less stressed and will be hitting that post office this week!!!!!

I would like to share photos of the fabulous swaps I have received.

The first being the Midsummer swap.......

Fabulous handmade items by the lovely Bee
Loved them all, thank you so much and again sorry for the delay with yours.

Also....the fabric swap........

This was sent by the lovely Melinda.......again apologies for the delay in receiving yours.

I am soooooo lucky to be part of such fabulous swaps and I promise to be better at the posting next time!!

Also, Clare, over at Polly Dolly, your giveaway will be on its way this week.

Thank you for your patience, lovely ladies



  1. You're such a sweetie, no need for apologies interviews can be stressful so it's understandable. Congratulations on getting the job though and thanks for following my blog. x

  2. Thank you for my lovely Lavender gift, its so pretty. Worth the waitxx


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