Thursday, 17 January 2013

Poorly January...

I've had a pretty rubbish start to the year :(

I went to the good old doctors after New Years day as I have been having the most horrid pains in my stomach, along the belly button and just above. 

The Dr, not having a clue what was wrong, gave me some acid reducing tablets and said it may be an ulcer and to come back in a week if not any better.

The following Monday morning I am back at the GP after a painful week, she refers me to the hospital. Yuk!!!

After nearly 4 hours at the Hospital, I am told I need an Ultrasound on my abdomen and a gastroscopy......they'll make me an appointment and send it in the post!!!

So, for the last week and a half I have been miserable as sin with the most irritating stomach pains ever. least I have some lovely friends.......

From the girls at work...

From my Mr P...

From my BFF Charlotte, along with the best film ever!!!...
My parents have been marvellous aswell and have looked after me very well. 

I have lost my appetite and when I do eat it just makes the pain worse :(

Good news though, I received the appointment for the Ultrasound this morning! Hopefully we will get to the bottom of the mystery pains!!!


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  1. Oh dear not a good start to 2013 :( Am wondering if like me its your gallbladder playing up? I know I have stones - just waiting for an appointment to discuss having them & it removed.

    Take care xx


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