Monday, 2 May 2011

Tea, biscuits and a good book...

I embraced my last day off work by lazing about! Bliss.

I made a pot of tea and sat in my little conservatory and read my book - which I finished completely in one afternoon!!

Tea, biscuits...............

....and a good book!

My Mum and Dad also came round in the morning and I made a cream tea breakfast - scones with Cornish clotted cream and jam....was yummy! Mum cut me some Lilac from the tree in her garden too, I love flowers and would fill my whole house with them if I could!!!

Dont forget there is still time to enter my Giveaway and also pop along to Jenny's blog - she has a fabulous giveaway too.



  1. Love your blog, my house is full of flowers too. Sounds like a perfect afternoonx

  2. That sounds like a heavenly afternoon and would willingly trade yours for mine - shopping then the supermarket with two children minus pushchair (broken). What was I thinking?!
    Becky x

  3. What a very blissful day! I often find it so hard to relax and take the whole day/afternoon off - I always think there are other things I should really be doing instead! Wish I didn't, would love to spend the whole day reading, sounds perfect!

    Thanks also for the link to my giveaway, that's really lovely of you thank you!! Have a wonderful week xxx

  4. OoOoo what a supa dupa day twinks. Glad you enjoyed it and hell yeah to a wee bit of "YOU" time before work!!! Loves Ionwen X

  5. I do love flowers all over the house - somehow a large bunch of daisies the fella brought home have lasted 3 weeks! I always do the trick of a penny in the vase and refreshing the water every couple of days but this time it seemed to work wonders! :-)

    Your cream teas sound like they were delicious!

    Jem xXx

  6. Sounds like a heavenly day! xxx

  7. Hello ... I thought I'd call by and have a look at you blog .... And it's lovely! I do love a swap and I'm really Looking forward to the summer swap ..... :-)

  8. That looks like my kind of day! I would have flowers in every room.....

    Lou xxx


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