Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter everyone, hope you have all had a lovely day.

I have had a nice relaxing day, breakfast in bed, eating chocolate, a lovely roast dinner and then a hot bubbly bath!

I had this gorgeous Tinkerbell egg off my sister, brother in law and niece....its far to nice to eat!!!

And I had an Egghead off my parents...............

....which I ate for my breakfast ;) Nom Nom!!

I am feeling like quite a fatty today!! But I keep telling myself that it's OK as I have started swimming again, so I will be able to burn off all this chocolate this week (hopefully)!!!

My niece also enjoyed the masses of chocolate and after dinner asked for 3 of her mini bunny chocolates, then changed her mind and asked for a "really big egg", so we compromised and gave her half an egg!

Deakon also had a good day, he managed to get about 8 eggs, plus smaller ones from an egg hunt my parents did.....I'll be bribing some of these eggs off him at some point....bad mum!!!

Day off work again tomorrow so I'm going to Hobbycraft for some bits to make some birthday cards and some more wool for a blanket I'm making...I've learnt to crochet, so I'm making granny squares at the moment!!

Have a lovely bank holiday Monday, peeps



  1. Wow that egg is adorable. I am now in a chocolate induced coma!

  2. i would be so thrilled with that egg - gorgeous!! xx


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