Saturday, 24 September 2011

Halloween giveaway.........

Halloween is just a month away and I love it!!! Every year I volunteer at the Tredegar House Halloween event and become one of the "scary people" that lurk the hallways ready to scare people who dare to come around!!!

Last year I was a zombie nurse!!!

My sister is the scary skull person!!!!!

My friend is the evil clown!!!!

Its so much fun and this year I will be donning my outfit again and preparing to frighten the masses!!!

So, to celebrate spook night I am having a surprise giveaway!!!!

If you would like to enter then please leave me a comment below!! Simples!!

Will close on September 30th



  1. I am so glad I havn't bumped into you in the dark! You all look really scary. Hope you have a great time and not too many casualties.

  2. Lurve your costumes, arent they great?

    One year my son dressed up as Sweeney Todd (J Depp Style) it was great fun!

    Im always a witch - well, as a teacher, what else could I be ;)

    Would love to be entered into your spooky giveaway please!


  3. Believe me, Helen is a witch :)

    I love the scary clown.....

    I also like surprises, so please include me in your surprise giveaway.....

    Sue Xxxx

  4. I am enjoying halloween much more as i get older. I loved the party i had last year!! This year we are going to be away and i can't really afford to do another party. The boys love dressing up too and there is going to be a school halloween party this year.

    I would love to be entered into your spooooky giveaway!! xx


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