Saturday, 16 April 2011

Posh new specs!...

Me and Deakon have been super busy today! He went to his football training this morning then we went home for a bit of lunch and then took a walk into town.

Deak is very into science, nature, history and all things "geeky" (his words, not mine!) so we went to the library to get him some new books to read. These were his choices:

The Titanic
World War II facts
Dr Who
Dr Who (again)
and a funny children's book (the only one out of the lot from the kids section!)

Its great that he loves to read about stuff like this but not so great when he asks me questions I do not know the answer to!!! Hes more knowledgeable than me and he's only 9!!

After the library we took a look around the local museum - he thinks its wonderful that so much history comes from our little city!!

In the museum.

After that we had half an hour to kill before we both had our eyes tested so we popped into the Cornish Pasty cafe for a cuppa and a doughnut!! Yum Yum!!

Off then to the opticians and it turns out I need a stronger prescription for my VDU glasses (hazard of working in a call centre) and Deak needs his first pair of glasses for reading and school work. He was quite chuffed as he thinks they make him look more geeky now!! Bizarre child!

So here he is with his new specs looking chuffed to beans!!

Loves you Deak


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  1. SO cute! An adorable little guy! ;)I just packaged up your pay it fwd. I want to make sure your address is correct...Are you in England? my e-mail is
    Have a great day! Alyssa of Boston Bee


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